Barnes and Noble

new business pitch win

At the time of the pitch, Barnes&Noble  book stores had become the equivalent of town centers for many communities. Because B&N provided cafes, allowed book reading, and hosted author readings and other events, people were spending a lot of time in the stores.

Also at this time, B&N’s media buy was primarily retail newspaper, featuring price info and new book release dates.

My idea was to take their primary media and make more of it. To make their ads like localized town square bulletins that could hang on a refrigerator or be kept at hand throughout the week. To keep interest for the book lover it would have to go beyond book release dates and a schedule of author readings. It would contain puzzles, quizzes and literary trivia.

The client’s consultant was Tibor Kalman. He called the work “inspirational.” Truly a compliment to be cherished by such an influential artist. As a result we won the business.